McCoy College Degree Programs and Policies

What Students Can Expect at McCoy College

By pursuing a degree at the McCoy College of Business, students commit to an academic program equipped with experiential learning opportunities and a dynamic curriculum designed to challenge, broaden, and enrich their foundation of business knowledge.

In the classroom, they will begin building a professional portfolio by engaging in hands-on learning experiences and acquiring an in-depth understanding of course content. Through involvement in co-curricular activities and professional development opportunities, classroom experience is put into practice and professional networks are expanded by collaborating with peers, faculty, and industry experts. Students will not only obtain a degree with distinguished academic excellence, but they will also join an elite group of alumni who are recognized business professionals setting the standard for a legacy of positively impacting the world every day.

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Interested in a Second Bachelor's Degree in Business?

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Thinking about a Master's Degree in Business?

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